This is a now page, last updated August 21, 2020.

Right now, I have two or three key goals. My vocational, career-related goal is to strengthen my visual design skills. To accomplish this, I’m working through the Shift Nudge course by Matt Damon Smith–I’m trying to complete five modules a week–and working with a mentor through the Product Hive mentorship program.

My avocational, personal goal is to become a better cook. I’m currently working my way through a few flavor and cooking books, notably “The Flavor Bible” and “Salt Fat Acid Heat.” I’m starting with learning; I hope soon to be cooking every day. Eating convenience food is a hard habit to break.

As a Latter-day Saint, I’m working my way slowly through the Book of Mormon again, with an eye toward the literary design of the Book of Mormon. I’ve been trying to draw-up “Bible Project”-style posters (see here, here) for each of the different books, which has helped me better see the narrative and literary flow of each section. It’s been really helpful.

In addition, I’m writing here in my blog and microblog, learning to think in public–it’s been fun so far–and working my way through a pile of books on my desk at a semi-random order, trying to keep them from becoming tsundoku.