Bryan Sebesta


A Little Context

I’m Bryan. I’m a people-centered designer with 7 years of experience in UX.

Most recently, I’ve led UX and conversational UI design at RAIN Agency in New York City. I led product strategy and design with 20+ clients, including Headspace, Wynn Resorts, Autotrader, Nike, NestlĂ©, Amazon, Suffolk Construction, and US Veterans' Affairs.

I’m currently looking to shift to web and mobile product design in a SaaS company. I’m open to relocation. If you’re interested in working together, drop me a line over email or on LinkedIn.

My strengths (and favorite parts of UX) include strategy, managing or reducing complexity, and research. I especially love being out in the field, talking to real people and validating assumptions.

If you are what you love, then I’m a book, hiking shoes, and artisanal chocolate. I dearly love the outdoors, and hope to one day hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

A Little History

Growing up in California, I got hooked on web design early. My parents got me Microsoft FrontPage one Christmas, and next thing I knew, I was running the largest LEGO Bionicle reference site on the web.

In High School, I became the captain of the Varsity Web Team (really), teaching web design to peers and junior classmen—and becoming known by my teachers as the kid to ask about computer problems.

I moved to Utah to attend college. While there, I shuffled around as a history major, a marketing director, an instructional designer, and president of the BYU UX Club. After graduation, I did UX field research and interviews for the award-winning Day One App. From there, I took a job with RAIN Agency in New York City, where I lived and worked for several years.

My life’s been eclectic. I’ve been a marketing director; an adjunct at a university, teaching UX and conversational UI design; a sommelier and taste guide at an artisanal chocolate shop; an instructional designer for an IT company; the voice recorder of an audiobook; and a Sunday School teacher for teens. This breadth of experience has helped me become an eclectic generalist. I love learning and growing and trying new things.


Critical Reflections

Here are some of my favorite notes that reflect my approach to design, technology, and craft.