NextDoor Homepage (Android)

I wanted to do an Android screen, so I picked three screens imitating NextDoor (1,2,3).

  • Beyond the status and navigation bars, NextDoor didn’t really draw on any Android or Material 3 patterns. Still, it got me exploring a Material Design kit in Figma, and becoming somewhat more familiar with the names there.
  • Font sizes are bit wonky: 12, 14, 16, 22. The card font sizes were actually in-between the font sizes everywhere else: 11 and 13. It made me wonder if the card text sizes were actually 12 and 14, but scaled down using the CSS scale transform or something like that.
The 'Deal' card component
  • Speaking of type: the line-height and kearning needed to be manually adjusted for each font size to match the screenshot. I always see type specified as “size” / “line-height,” but I rarely see kearning adjustments specified? Need to look into this.
  • The icon set was not something I could find. Some of them matched my go-to, Phosphor Icons, really nicely. But some of them had no corollary anywhere I could find, such as the “For Sale” icon with its little drawstring (quite nice, actually).
Simple prototype
  • Had I had a little more time to play with prototyping, I would have liked to try to show how the top “sticky” region shrinks to hide search when you scroll down (i.e. Krisztian Nagy’s solution).